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Every business is only as secure as it's personnel, their commitment to excellence, and their knowledge of cyber security.

Internet Security

Internet security out ranks anything else on the company agenda.  Every day  headlines scream
the unthinkable....hackers hit again... someone... let ...evil... in.... email or stealth websites are only some of the tools at a hacker's disposal. 
The Review

This  site section  is NOT about the review process and how well it works or doesn't work.  This section tackles cyber bullying head on...The discussion here is regarding vicious falsehoods designed to   attack a reputation with the view of total destruction.

Stem the tide of identity theft and cyber bullying... the other tool available to reputation assasins is Junk Blogs claiming to be consumer defenders, advocates of free speech.

This cyber trash talk is actually so weird it is fun to look at , however when you realize the intensely vicious nature of the evil that lurks in the shadows there, remember these websites are hosting this evil and profiting from selling clicks to advertisers.

 These website hosts  could care-less about you and your life or how it is affected by cyber bullies,   simultaneously they are providing a safe haven for social injustice and criminal behavior.

Cyber bullies, criminals,  social out-casts, and revenge seekers thoroughly enjoy  the anonymity  of internet business and  personal web space. 
Hiding in this world, empowers these individuals to a super strength they don't hold in the work-a- day  world the rest of us enjoy.
There are legitimate consumer protection agencies and business, with a forum that review and work on a solution for both parties to a complaint.

Notice  page one of  search engines Google Yahoo  Bing etc  there are not any,  or rarely seen consumer complaints regarding big companies celebraties, government etc.
Yes there are political and news sites that hold contrasting views, and sink to levels of trashy-ness, that is freedom of speech, again we are

not decrying any ones right to speak out. 
However not all speech is protected speech. The fix.

Any false and or misleading  speech.. verbal or written directed at another individual, with the intent to cause harm,  becomes  slanderous. If not corrected, this is a crime. 
Junk sites that purport to be consumer protection sites , really  do nothing to advance consumer needs, actually then become conveyors of the scurrilous attack,

hand maidens to reputation assassins.  Reputation super heroes are needed to defend  the honor of the victim.
Just as large companies and  Hollywood celebs hire  IT   to make sure that the internet is not laced with slanderous stories that are so weird it is almost a joke.   Now you  too,  have help available!
If you have been a victim  we can assist in your reputation recovery. 

If you have a cyber bully in your world, assistance is just a click away. Use the contact us page to sent an overview of your situation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.